Auto rotate setting on your 360 embeds

Some of you approached us saying that you would like to have the Auto rotate mode on your 360 embeds. We listen and we have integrated this feature to Kuula Embed Editor!

Example of a 360 embed with the Auto rotate setting

If you embed a 360° photo to your website, to an online magazine article or to a blog post and you would like the image to slowly rotate when people view the site, simply check the Auto rotate box in Kuula Embed Editor as illustrated on the screenshot below.

auto rotate

PRO TIP If you want to change the speed of the rotation, simply find the autorotate parameter in the iframe source code and change its value. The default value is 1. Values smaller than 1 result in slower rotation, while larger values – you guessed it right – will make the rotation faster. You can even add negative values to have the photo rotate in the opposite direction.

We hope you like this new update. Let us know what other features you would like to see on Kuula and we will be happy to integrate them for you.

There is more exciting news coming soon. Stay tuned!

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