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    George Grosz Berlin, Germany, 1893–1959 *Gott mit Uns: Politische Mappe* [*God with Us: Political Portfolio*], plate 1, 1919 Photolithograph Blanton Museum of Art, Archer M. Huntington Museum Fund, 1964 ©Estate of George Grosz/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY Mariátegui was introduced to the work of Georg Grosz during his six-month stay in Berlin. A member of the avant garde Dada movement, Grosz joined the Communist Party and published his satirical graphics through the Malik Publishing House. Because of the subversive character of his art and the political radicalism of his ideas, Grosz’s work was regularly subjected to censorship. After his return to Lima, Mariátegui followed Grosz’s example to challenge realist or conservative artistic styles, using his images to illustrate articles on economic and political issues in *Amauta*, the worker’s newspaper *Labor*, and other publications

    Emilio Pettoruti La Plata, Argentina, 1892 – Paris, 1971 *L’ombre* [*The Shadow*], 1915 Oil on cardboard Blanton Museum of Art, Gift of Judy S. and Charles W. Tate, 2018 © D.R. Fundación Pettoruti, www.pettoruti.com. During his early years, Pettoruti went to Italy to study the art of the great masters of the Renaissance. Instead, he became fascinated by the avant-garde movements of Futurism and Cubism that he encountered in the 1910s. In works such as *L’ombre*, an almost abstract view of a street seen from a window, he arrived at a synthesis of both styles. He favored Futurism’s bold colors and dynamic angles, and combined them with Cubism’s reduction of figures to flat, simplified shapes.

    Alexej Von Jawlensky Torzhok, Russia, 1864 — Wiesbaden, Germany, 1941 *Kopf* [*Head*], from *Bauhaus Drucke - Neue Europäische Graphik, 4te Mappe: Italienische Und Russische Künstler* [*Bauhaus Prints - New European Graphics, 4th Portfolio: Italian and Russian Artists*], 1921 Lithograph Blanton Museum of Art, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gonzalez, 1989

    George Grosz Berlin, Germany, 1893–1959 *Strassenszene* [*Street Scene*], from *Bauhaus Drucke - Neue Europäische Graphik 5te Mappe: Deutsche Künstler* [*Bauhaus Prints: New European Graphics, 5th Portfolio: German Artists*], 1919–1920 Lithograph Blanton Museum of Art, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gonzalez, 1989