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    Beaumonde is interviewing Sherri Holmes of Triangle Friends of African American Arts after the amazing Triangle Theatre Preview Event at Raleigh Little Theater. The event showcased previews of work by artists, playwrights, and actors of color that will be performed during the 2017 theatre season in North Carolina. The event is the brainchild of Sherri Holmes, founder and director of Triangle Friends of African American Arts. Holmes said she looked at the calendar and saw so many productions that a preview was necessary. "In the Triangle this season there is a record number of African-American plays and musicals, and even an African-American opera," she said. "We hope our preview event will increase community awareness and participation in African-American theater. We want every season to be this diverse and to create wonderful opportunities for African-American performers, directors, playwrights and audiences." http://www.hellobeaumonde.com/ for more. #360theArts #Beaumonde #Theatre #RaleighLittleTheatre #TFAAA #ArtsNowNC