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    What is it like inside a gestation crate on a modern factory farm? A female pig used for breeding is kept in a gestation crate during pregnancy and for most of her adult life. While and after giving birth, she is placed in a slightly larger so called farrowing crate. Gestation crates as well as farrowing crates are so small the mother pigs cannot even turn around. After her piglets are taken away from her, she is impregnated once more and returned to a gestation crate. The floor is hard and cold on their sensitive skin. With an inability to tread on natural land, the pigs\' overgrown hooves cause pain and they have trouble standing. They spend months staring ahead, licking and chewing on the bars, waving their heads incessantly back and forth, or lying on the concrete floor in an apparent state of apathy. More information at http://ianimal360.com/