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    =| ArcheAge |= ~ 2017 "Queen's Chamber" aka "Orchidna's Throne" added in ArcheAge 3.0 | Enterance in Burnt Castle, Cinderstone Moor "Every sin has consequences." Zoom on Orchidna: www.imgur.com/a/MRTlG Character infront of Orchidna is her son Damian. Zoom on him:: www.imgur.com/lKUgUeE Who's Orchidna? "A child and member of the original expedition to find the birthplace of magic in the world. She was bound to the throne that sits opposite to the gate to the birthplace of magic in the deep of Auroria to replace the fae that was seated there before according to Gods and Heroes, Part III. The other members of the expedition left her there, promising to come back with magic that could free her. It is unclear what became of Orchidna in the centuries since then but there are hints that she is far from being an innocent child by now ..." | source: www.archeage.wikia.com/wiki/Orchidna AA 3.0 Lore: "Mother" and Queen of Warborn race. Created by using 163 screenshots Check my YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/JXRaiv #archeage #mmorpg #padmarashka