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    Torre Squillace - Salento district (Italy) This beautiful tower is a bit abandoned to itself, and the salinity of the sea tends to ruin it, but fortunately there was a small restoration shortly before, but not enough! Wikipedia info: Located a few meters from the beach, between the towns of Sant'Isidoro and Porto Cesareo, it was built by the master planter Tarantino Pensino from 1567 and completed in 1570. The tower has a square pyramid trunk shape. A marquee bull separates the scarped base from the top floor ending with a bead frame equipped with bunks and four pitfalls, one on each side. In 1640 it was equipped with a large external stone staircase that allowed access. The interior houses a well and a fireplace-style barrel vaulted room. He was talking north with Torre Cesarea and south with Torre Sant'Isidoro