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  • =| Shaiya Victoria III |= ~2017 "Kimu room" - PvP Boss: "Kimuraku" Kimuraku for years was the most important PvP boss in Shaiya Online. Countless players died in epic battles on all servers waiting for him to respawn. "Kimu" could respawn on early time (right after 11 hours) or on very, very late (exactly after 13 hours). I still remember Sheila (-Grom- guild officer in 2010-2012 on PL server THESAN) screaming on guild TeamSpeak in middle of night "KIMUKIMUKIMUKIMUKIMU" waking up 20 people. A photo created for friends I met in this game 7 years ago. Created by using 70 screenshots. Check my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/JXRaiv #shaiya #nostalgia #kimu