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    Lochleven Castle - In 2 May 1568, Mary, who must already have been sick with anticipation feigned sickness and diverted William's attention. Mary was therefore excused from dinner and waited by the window of her room for the signal. One last hurdle needed to be overcome: Willie had to get hold of the keys to the main gate which were always in William's possession. Luckily, William was a little fuddled by the day's excitement and Willie managed to pick up the keys from the dining table by dropping a napkin over them. The rest happened very quickly. On seeing Willie in the courtyard, Mary dressed as a servant girl and Jane Kennedy made their way downstairs, across the courtyard and through the gates. Willie locked the gate behind him and threw the keys in the mouth of a cannon. Together they jumped into the boat which had been left unpegged and rowed ashore where George Douglas was the first to welcome them.