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    Happy Halloween! :) The Crypt of Mummies Located in Oria, where members of the Brotherhood of Death have been able to preserve their mummified body. Only 11 mummies and various skulls of other dead under the cathedral. Apparently these men are, if not the only one, among the few examples of mummified laity. The Confraternity was born after 1480, with the return to Oria of many Christians who fought against the Turks, and contributed to their expulsion from Otranto and Salento. The process of mummification was very expensive, so if only the wealthy people could only afford it, when Napoleon came to Italy with the religious orders and the right to mummify. In Oria, these processes continued to be hidden.. The 11 mummies here are in fact dating back to the early 1800s, when the ban had already been banned (only one of them seems to be preceded by Napoleonic edifice).