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    HYPOGEUM  Oil Mill of Torre S.Susanna. This is the most important underground mill of the many existing ones. The Hypogeum oil mills of “Largo Moccia” play an important role in the historical and cultural local architecture, and represent the striking examples of industrial archaeological settlements used for the production of olive oil .They were dug underground and specifically designed to optimize the preservation of the olive oil. Its structures are carved into the limestone in the subsoil. From above the mill, the farmer unloaded the olives, which fell into the” trappeto” through a hole located at ground level and into the storeroom. On either side of the workroom were located some rooms called “sciave”. These were always dug into the stone, and were used to store the olives which were waiting to be pressed. There are also, a Calabrian and Genoese’ s press and “trappitari” life places. info: Prolocotorre.it #frantoioipogeo #torresantasusanna #prolocotorre