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    The Pennslyvanian age Fountain Formation is well exposed along the western flank of the Colorado Front Range. These rock formations are expressed in a variety of forms from the steeply tilted "flatirons" that grace the foothills west of Boulder, to the pinnacles that greet visitors at Colorado Springs' Garden of the Gods. They also form the distinctive amphitheater 'walls' at Denver's iconic Red Rocks Park. Here, at Lory State Park in Northern Colorado, the Fountain Formation features cross-bedded conglomerate and coarse-grained sandstone. The type of rock and associated cross beds are interpreted to be gravel-dominated river dunes migrating under conditions of high energy. The coarse sediment is derived from the erosion of nearby highliands of Pennslyvanian age--a time of uplift known as the Ancestral Rockies some 300 million years ago