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    Celestial Street View – Opal, Alnilam Quite clearly, we have received a transmission. The remembrance field of Jeweled Pyrite in Landers, caused a comotional greer for astrophysicists' prayers since the 1930s. By now, the transmission we received, may as it be mere words, "We have no chance of harmonizing the future with dissonance." Caused by black & white architecture of space-memory-rhythms, what came pinholing through a radial cookaloris out of thermo fluidic camera friction gatherers – a rainbow vimage, pared down & represented in the slim human aperature, a new clearer jazzier part of Xol, Alnilam. The water may opalize your grimmage, akin to capitalizing on inter-dimensional organisms. Be careful of glancing, we assure you harmony designs solar systems. Ethnogynous species are in touch with their silver whisps as human resonance accounts, importantly if you catch a glow in the sky, let your local celestial jex know about the instrument to file the experience into the clouds.