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    Montain views within the nation of Andorra. #Andorra is a micro-nation located in the Pyrenees Mountains along the French-Spanish border. It is the 6th smallest nation on earth in terms of geography. It has no real industry and relies on shopping due to low sales taxes, and tourism due to its ski resorts. Catalan is the language spoken on the streets, if you can find a non-tourist. I did chat with a few. I am a French-speaker who speaks a little Spanish, and Catalan reads and sounds like a mix between the two languages. A linguist might not agree, but I could guess much of what Catalan I heard or read. By treaty, Andorra has two heads of state: the President of France and a Bishop from Spain from a nearby Spanish county. The people of Andorra also elect a government at the regional level to more directly govern them. It has no military, and no airport.