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    It's time for the final photo of our BEFORE/AFTER room makeovers! It's our upstairs that has been just a storage -but not anymore! There's still a lot to do but in the future it will be half working space, half extra bedroom. Plus is will include also some very important storage space but now as messy as until now ;) And as you might guess in the future you can find more and more often the man of the house from here, and the woman of the house from the harmonious white/turquoise room that you saw yesterday (in fact this week I've worked every day in that room because the natural light and coach there is so nice and I LOVE the atmosphere of that room :) ) But all in all our whole family is very happy for our room makeovers. Now we can start preparing our boat home for the summer boating season! Ps. Cherry on the cake was that these room makeovers were done with zero budget. Recycling rocks!