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    A Photographer's Journey: The Personal Vision of James Harvey Johnson Based in Bryan, Texas, James Harvey Johnson is a Texas native who has developed a keen eye for the environments and landscapes of the American South West. His work highlights the variety and beauty of the American South West with inspirations from Texas to California. Each carefully processed photo in this exhibition integrates a variety of techniques and technologies that expertly showcase different aspects of each environment. Johnson was named Texas State Artist of the Year in 1982. He has a 17 year long career as a wildlife and nature artist. While his current focus is photography, he also has a practice with oil painting, sculpture, and printmaking. Johnson attended Texas A&M University in the College of Veterinary Medicine, he is a board certified member of the American College of Zoological Medicine. Today, he resides on his ranch in Bryan, TX with his veterinarian wife Alice. For more information about the artist visit For sale inquires, contact the artist at

    White Boat James Harvey Johnson Archival Pigment Print, 1964 Taken while James Harvey Johnson was still a Texas A&M student, White Boat was the first photo that showed him the potential of photography, directly leading to Johnson’s later work. This photo was taken with a Minolta SR-7 in Kamloops, British Columbia, and printed on Exhibition Fiber Paper