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    Jasmine Hair b. 1999, Perth, Western Australia ASTA 2020 Archival print Jasmine took this photograph, because she loves her dog. He’s really important to her, especially with her family being in Perth. He’s her boy, and he’s with her all of the time. Wherever he is, home is. "He’s just sitting there, and you can see the dirt. There’s not much grass growing in the background. Grass up here is really hard to grow. The dirt and the rocks are mainly what makes up everyone’s backyard. His ripped toys are ragged. He needs new toys!" Jasmine grew up in Newman, Perth, and Port Hedland. She chose to stay in the town and take up an electrical apprenticeship.

    Vicki McRae b. 1987, Griffith, New South Wales THE SWING SET 2020 Archival print Vicki took this photograph, because she remembers playing on this swing set as a child at her Nonni’s farm just outside Griffith. It moved from the farm back into town with them. It represents family for her and the Italian culture. "It’s served three generations. Broken plastic seats have been repaired with pieces of scrap timber; the chains have replacement sections. As Italian immigrants, the Nonni were the original ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’. They didn’t believe in waste, due to lack of money but also a great respect for the environment. The land provided food for the table and a means to build a life. This I attribute my ‘work hard’ ethics to." Vicki grew up in Yoogali and Griffith before moving to Melbourne to study fashion design and couture. After a period of travelling and working, she now manages the Visitor Information Centre in Griffith.