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    How to solve the scanning issue on the printer? New models of printer devices usually offer multiple functions. you'll use a similar printer for printing additionally as for fax and scanning. rather than exploiting multiple devices, the user can use the same device for all the functions. however few folks get problems while scanning the document on the printer. How do i get my brother printer to scan to my computer? 1. Attend the printer and carry the scanner plate 2. Load the document 3. Go to the computer and click on begin 4. Open the All Apps folder 5. Click on Windows Accessories 6. Attend the Windows Fax and Scan possibility 7. Faucet on the New Scan button 8. Once the computer is connected to multiple imaging devices, choose your Brother Scanner 9. Attend the Scanner wizard and set scanning choices 10. Faucet on the Scan 11. The scanning image can seem on the screen Save the image on the device. The user also can select the print option. Open the All Apps folder and attend the Paint possibility. Opt for File and faucet on From Scanner option. choose the imaging device and tap on OK. opt for your scanning option and choose the Scan. Save the scanned image on the device. Reasons for obtaining scanning error on printer devices 1. The scanner driver isn't operating 2. Your printer is not connected 3. The firewall is obstructing scan operate 4. Scanning files don't seem to be engaged on the computer Troubleshooting scanning error on the printer device Restart the printer Your scanning function will get into error once some operate and services don't seem to be working. whereas taking output if the user sends a scanning command, the printer can’t restart the services. to repair the error, you've got to restart the printer. attend the printer so take away its power cable. look forward to ten seconds and connecting the cord. The device can begin mechanically and currently attempt to scan the document. Use the printer fixer If the user is facing scanning on the printer, run the troubleshooter. The integral tool will check for scanning errors of the printer. On PC, attend the Update tab. faucet on the fixer and go to the Scanner option. The tool can begin inspecting for the errors. If any scanner file isn't working, the tool will instantly start fixing it. when fixing those files, the printer will start scanning your document. Disable the firewall If the scanning operation is not engaged on Wi-Fi then check the firewall. several times, the person uses wireless printing. If the network is secured with a firewall; it's going to interrupt the scanning function. once the printer sends a scanning command, the firewall suspects it as malicious and blocks the network. To scan the document, you've got to disable the firewall. Open the laptop; check its integral firewall and disable it immediately. currently attend the printer and scan your document. Check the scanner driver The user will get scanning problems once its driver isn't working. while not a driver, the printer can’t communicate with the PC. Open your computer so go to the printer’s scanner driver. Check the package for its update. Install the update and then attempt to use the printer for scanning. If the driving force is still not running then run the driving force repair app. it'll repair all corrupted files on the driver. You'll conjointly strive to reinstall the package on your PC. On PC, click on the driver software and uninstall it immediately. Delete the software files and restart the device. Open the browser and install a replacement driver. once the printer gets the proper driver, it will begin scanning the documents. Reconnect your printer Association errors can get printers into scanning issues. attempt to reconnect the printer to a network or system. Generally, the cable can’t fit properly on the USB slot. Use another slot for the printer connection. Check the printer standing for availability. For wireless printers, check your router. Restart the Wi-Fi button of the printer and hunt for the proper network. when connecting, take the document and take a look at it to scan it exploitation the printer. Run antivirus on the computer Printer scanning errors will occur because of computer malware infection. when scanning, the printer sends the document to the computer. However, the malware interrupts the channel, and also the PC can't receive the scanned image. you've got to get rid of viruses so scan the document. https://www.technicalsquad.net/tech/what-to-do-when-the-brother-printer-prints-but-wont-scan/