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    Know how to stop the popup notifications? Today's tutorial will help you remove Malwarebytes Anti-Malware from your computer. Malwarebytes may be causing problems or you might need to uninstall it. If you require the stop Malwarebytes popups on your computer, you can follow the Options below. Use the Settings App to remove Malwarebytes From Windows Device Follow these options to get rid of Malwarebytes from Windows 10. Option 1: From the bottom-left corner, click the Windows logo (Start Icon). Option 2: Click the Settings icon. It is located on the lower-left corner of the Start menu. Option 3: Go to Apps in the pop-up window and hit Enter. Option 4: You'll see the Apps and Features tab on the left-hand side pane under the heading "Apps". Click on it. Option 5: Scroll down the "Apps and Features" section until you see Malwarebytes. It will be next to its version. To expand the app menu, click on it. Option 6: Next, click on the Uninstall button located in the lower-right corner of the highlighted area. Option 7: A pop-up message will ask you if you want to remove the program. Once again, click on Uninstall. Option 8: A second message from Windows will appear asking if you agree to allow the app to make changes on your device. Click Yes. Option 9: Next Malwarebytes setup will ask you for confirmation. Option 9: Next, the Malwarebytes setup program will ask for confirmation. Option 10: After the setup completes, a message asking you to restart your computer will appear. Click Yes. Option 11: After you have completed the restart, open This Computer from either the Desktop or Windows Search bar. Option 12: Once the window has opened, click on the View tab in the top menu. Check the Hidden Items box in the Show/Hide section of the toolbar. Option 13: Next, use the search bar to type Malwarebytes into the box and hit Enter. Option 14: Select all files containing the word Malwarebytes in them and click the Delete button. Option 15: Close this window, and then go to Recycle Bin. You can access it from the Desktop or Windows Search bar. Option 16: Empty the Recycle Bin Option 17: Restart your computer again to apply the changes. Malwarebytes Antimalware Cleanup Utility can be used to remove Malwarebytes and other malware from Windows Devices To erase the malware from your system, you can also use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Cleanup Utility. If you allow deleting all traces of the files from your device, this is the best option. You can still find bits of malware on your computer if you use the Settings App to get rid of it. Follow the below Options to get rid of them. Option 1: Download Cleanup Tool from the URL below or from a third-party website. https://downloads.malwarebytes.org/file/mbam_clean Option 2: A.exe will be downloaded to your system. Double-click on the file to run it. Option 3: Click Yes to confirm your agreement to the Malwarebytes EULA. Click Yes. This program will then remove all Malwarebytes files from your computer, including Registry keys. Option 4: Next you will be asked to restart your computer. You have two options: restart immediately or wait until later. However, the uninstallation process is only complete once you have done so. Remove Malwarebytes You can remove Malwarebytes Anti-Malware from your Mac computer by following these simple Options. Option 1: Select Go from the top menu. You will see a drop-down menu. Notification: This item may not be found in the top menu. Click on Desktop in Finder instead. Option 2: Click on Applications in the drop-down menu. Option 3: Scroll down to the Malwarebytes icon in the Application Window and then open it. Option 4: Click on Help in the next window. This will open a drop-down menu. Option 5: You'll see the Uninstall Malwarebytes section in this menu. Click on it. Option 6: Select Yes to the prompt message advising you that Malwarebytes will be completely removed. The Malwarebytes Uninstall Program will then be activated. Option 7: A pop-up message asking for the admin password will appear. Click OK to enter the administrator password for your Mac. Option 9: Click on the drop-down menu and click on Go To Folder... Option 10: Type /Library into the pop-up window and click Go. This will open your hidden Library folder. Option 11: Go to the Library folder and click the Search bar at the top right of the window. Type Malwarebytes in the search bar then hit Return. Option 12: Click on the Library tab from the search options just below the top menu. Option 13: Select files that have 'Malwarebytes’ in their titles, click Edit, and then click Move To Trash. Option 14: Click and hold the trash icon on the Home screen. A pop-up menu will open. Click on Empty Trash. Option 15: To complete the uninstallation, restart your Mac. Malwarebytes is not installed These methods will get rid of Malwarebytes from your computer. You can choose which one is most convenient for you or best suits your situation. To protect yourself from any malware or other digital threats, make sure you have Malwarebytes updated. https://www.technicalsquad.net/tech/how-to-fix-malwarebytes-popup-wont-go-away-error/