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    The Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery presents the first institutional solo exhibition in Los Angeles by artist Lukas Geronimas. The exhibition will feature a series of new sculptural works, commissioned especially for the gallery that borrow from ritualistic objects or spaces wherein rituals take place. This includes works described by Geronimas as a column, a tomb and a signet. Custom Hung Valance is a series of wooden racks that support pointed Gothic-style frames made of polished aluminum, stretched muslin, and tinted plywood which mimic a clerestory, a reference to the gallery’s church-like floor plan. Puzzlemaster combines elements from an array of devotional figures such as the nemes headcloth and ceremonial beard of ancient Egyptian pharaohs, the seated “pose of royal ease” of Dharmic idol, the multiple arms included in depictions of hindu deities, and the heroic proportion and musculature portrayed in renderings of Greek and Roman gods.

    The Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery is pleased to present the first institutional solo exhibition by artist Nevine Mahmoud. Mahmoud makes provocative sculptures from glass, steel, resin and precious stones such as onyx, alabaster and marble. Her work often takes the form of plump fruits, or isolated parts of the body, from curvaceous busts and tongues to voluptuous peaches and cherries. The almost clinical presentation of her sculptures, with their pristine polished surfaces and immaculate pedestals, stand in stark contrast to their fleshy volumes. Recently, Mahmoud has been experimenting with hybridised forms, in which hollowed out anatomies become co-opted as domestic furnishings such as vessels or lamps. Rendered in sometimes sickly hues or jewel tones, and severed from the rest of the body, Mahmoud’s creations are defamiliarized from the human body to become suggestive of some otherworldly, more surreal entity.