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The first boat used to be launched each Spring; this happened for several years, and was to coordinate the annual Woodbury Condo owners ‘Spring Clean-up’ of the Belcher’s Marsh walking trail. Today’s boat was built in the woodworking shop at the Woodbury, by one of the condo owners, Tom McCaughey. The current boat is a replica of the previous project created by a Woodbury superintendent, now retired.

"A forest is a community of living things that have grown up together. The animals, plants, birds, fungi and other living things adapt to each other. From the smallest bacterium to the tallest tree, each has changed in order to survive in its surroundings. Natural disturbance and human activity will bring about changes in the forest. Belchers Marsh Park has experienced both recently through fire (1980's), housing development (1990's) and Hurricane Juan (September 2003). The freshwater inland marsh is periodically submerged by runoff or standing water. The water here at Belchers Marsh park and at the nearby Pond is all part of the watershed flowing to the Bedford Basin by way of Kearney Lake and Paper Mill Lake. The water levels vary with the seasons and are affected by the amount of rain and snow each year. The plants are able to adjust to these levels. To help the casual observer become more familiar with the many species of ferns, wildflowers, shrubs and trees as well as birds, butterflies and dragonflies, field guides on each topic are available at the local library, bookstores and the Museum of Natural History. By participating in volunteer monitoring programmes such as Plant Watch or Frog Watch ( ) you can improve your observation skills and contribute to citizen science."

"The cultural history of the lands around Belchers Marsh Park can be traced back over 200 years. The park and the surrounding area are linked with a former owner, Andrew Belcher (Fig. 1). In 1800, Belcher purchased 500 acres from a Scottish entrepreneur, Alexander Brymer. Under Brymer's influence, and with a contract to supply the Royal Navy, Belcher became a successful merchant. He was later appointed to the Nova Scotia Council, which governed Nova Scotia, and also appointed a justice of the peace."


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