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Amanda Thomas "Bleed," 2019 Earthenware, terra sigillata, copper, wood, glass, alcohol, placenta 41 x 32 x 27”

(Detail Image) Sharon Swingle "Siren", 2021 Foam, wood, found objects, acrylics, Mixed media 76 x 24 x 62”


Angelea H.R. "The Things She Carried (Body Blueprints)," Triptych, 2020 Undeveloped cyanotype emulsion on cotton gauze 150 x 34”

Angelea H.R. "I’ve Been Cold Since the Garden", Diptych, 2019 Pigment prints 24 x 18”

Sharon Swingle "Lasting Impression," 2020 Stoneware, pigments, metal leaf 34 x 23 x 10"

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