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What is the future lobby of 2035 like? This was the question and invitation for us to show our ideas of the topic. In the more and more complex future world with viruses and other threats people will always need to calm down when traveling and arriving to the first area of hotel, the lobby. The lobby might no longer be the melting pot of busy working or socializing and spending time, but a place to set new quiet tone for being in a new place. The growing phenomena, megatrend around the Globe is urbanization and based on that we believe that the minimalistic and calming spaces will see a renaissance in the increasingly busier and complex World. The foundation we build our minimalistic view of future is nature. We believe that the nature is and will be the very best source for the wellbeing of humans. Something we all must take a very good care of in order to have as much as possible left of it in the future. In the lobby all the architectural forms are based on one hand on the eternal architectural forms of arches and on the other, to the round shapes familiar to all organic forms. Arches cover but same time they also reveal. Form follows function in nature and is another source of our inspiration. Here the idea of the floor pattern comes out of rings that become when a waterdrop drops to the lake. The distance between the rings expand as they move on and also in similar way if a boat or bird crosses those rings, there will occur another line. Here the crossing lines give direction and lead visitors inside to Bar and other areas. We’ve intentionally left majestical amount of empty space for the visitor to calm down and prepare for the next spaces or gather in bigger groups. Furniture are soft by look and form. The sofas with high divider backrests emphasize the security by dividing strangers yet leave visibility for seeing the other people. Our vision is that in the future we’ll be experts of growing green artificially everywhere we can and with this combination of real green plant + light and roundform covering the entire ceiling we create same shadow effect as rays of light do through the leaves of trees plus clean the air thus reminding us of forest and nature. Natural light that changes during the day is also a vital element for the mankind. In the biggest arches we’ve placed natural light simulators that function like beautiful windows with view above the clouds. The intensity and color changes and can be programmed for any natural light tones, according to the time of day or idea of the space. With light like this we can tone the energy of the space and that’s what we believe will be the norm in future. The future lobby is to both calm down and energize the person arriving to it. The future only will show how big crowds can we host in common spaces but we believe that the harmonious spaces with elements originating from nature will make our lives better.

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