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Project Planning Ta...

To use the makersplayce for school or personal projects, ask to sign up here at the desk (it is free)!

This wall will be filled with job offers, companies looking for interns, open projects from companies etc.. The makersplayce is gong to be the hub within Fontys for people with an innitiative and a drive to learn and create further than what they learn within the subjects. Therefore it is an ideal space for companies to promote themselves. To get featured on this board there are possibilities through sponsorship or cooperation with the makersplayce. Contact the makersplayce on Instagram or by email to discuss the possibilities.

Project room

This space is perfect for all electrical needs! We have: Complete Soldering Station | Power Supply | Function Generator | Oscilloscope | Logic Analyzers | Multimeters etc.

    Please rotate the device into landscape mode and insert into your VR headset.