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The Galiano Conservancy's classroom hosts visiting school groups, university field courses, events, and community gatherings.

Kuula is a platform that allows you to take virtual tours by exploring a series of 360° photo spheres. Just click anywhere in the image and drag, and you can look around! if you see an icon, click on it, and a small window with text, a picture, and/or a video will pop up. To navigate to the next sphere, look for the 'Forward' and 'Back' arrows on the screen - alternatively, you can click on the slides at the bottom of your window to jump around. This tour has 6 different photo spheres - 3 taken before the wetland was built, and 3 shortly after. Enjoy the tour!

These plants and pathways were established in February of 2020 by a team of volunteers from the Ecological Restoration Club at the University of Victoria. The ground was compacted and weedy, so broadforks and pitchforks were used to loosen the soil. Then, native plants were established and mulched with burlap and woodchips to suppress weeds and reduce moisture loss. Finally, cages were installed to protect the young plants from deer. Pictured here is then-Restoration of Natural Systems student Adam Dewar, who helped design and install the constructed wetland as his capstone project.

Hellooo everybody. Welcome to the Galiano Conservancy’s constructed wetland virtual tour! Are you ready to learn? Oh, I love to learn, and this project is fascinating! Wetlands are the best!. The GCA is always coming up with such innovative ways to restore Galiano's disturbed places! So look for my friends on each new page of the tour, and click on them to learn more about this fantastic project! Check it out!

    Please rotate the device into landscape mode and insert into your VR headset.