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Kenny Scharf Cosmic Cavern #18 Kenny Scharf’s Cosmic Cavern immerses viewers in a day-glow universe densely packed with graffiti tags, detritus, and everyday objects reimagined as cartoon personalities. This surreal world comes to life under the fluorescent black lighting reminiscent of clubs and discos of the 1980s, a central inspiration for this party environment turned art installation. In 1981 Scharf created the first version in the closet of the small New York apartment he shared with artist Keith Haring. Since then, he has transformed basements, galleries, museums, RVs, and even suitcases into this psychedelic, multi-sensory experience.


Wall installation By Kenny Scharf with documentary by his daughter, Malia Scharf at the entrance of Cosmic Cavern, #18 at Young At Art Museum.

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