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Nursery Annex

Water is life, and Galiano Island has limited freshwater resources. Our new Program Centre facility was designed with water conservation in mind. Check out the 2020 edition of the Galiano Island Stewardship News to learn more about what we're doing to conserve this precious resource.

The Millard Learning Centre is carbon neutral - meaning that over the course of a year, all of the energy we use is derived from renewable sources that do not emit greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane. This is achieved through energy efficiency and three interlinked solar installations with a combined energy capacity of 21.6 kW. We work together with the Salish Sea Renewable Energy Co-Op (SSREC) to promote renewable energy on Galiano and across the Salish Sea.

Maia Green is a grade 8 teacher at Rock Heights Middle School in Esquimalt, BC. Her class did a 2 day 1 night adventure program at the Millard Learning Centre with the Galiano Conservancy Association. Over the course of their two-day stay they did a Future of Foods Program in conjunction with the newly piloted program, People, Plants & Pollinators in the Forest Garden (grant funded by TD Friends of the Environment). They also explored forest ecology, restoration practices and did a tree pull at the Pebble Beach Reserve. They stayed at the Millard Learning Centre overnight and were provided outdoor gear to use during their stay, donated to the Galiano Conservancy by Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC).

The Galiano Conservancy has active programs to help monitor, protect, and educate the public about Rockfish and Cetaceans, with whom we share the waters around our island home.

This short film features local Indigenous leaders digging a little deeper into why Territory Acknowledgments are so important. Directed by Richard Wilson, this short was supported by the Galiano Conservancy Association in partnership with the Access to Media Education Society.


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