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This area is used mainly for welding processes of steel, stainless steel and aluminium using industrial MIG and TIG welding.

These pieces of equipment are used to form metal sheet and section. This is done by using dies pressing sheet metals on the Fly press, Folding sheet metals on the Box Folder and rolling metal tube and solid section through the ring rollers.

The brazing hearths are used for all hot metal work such as silver soldering, annealing of non-ferrous metals and blacksmithing. There are also pickling tanks and benches for air tools and hand filling work.

This area is used to prepare metal for welding and cleaning up after welding using grinders and belt sanders. Small section tube can also be cut to length using the chop saw.

Industry standard Silver plating of non-ferrous metals. Along with ultrasonic cleaning tank and vacuum tank, work can be undertaken for silicon mold making.

Various sanding machines are bench-mounted both vertically and horizontally, together with a bench-mounted polishing machine for smaller, detailed work. Small scale fine metal hand work, marking out, cutting and hand finishing on the benches.

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