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The catchphrase Think, Question, Do is colorfully posted to the walls of classrooms throughout The Peck School. The phrase was coined in 2012 by Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education when they created the Agency by Design framework. The AbD framework is responsive and flexible; it encourages collaboration and community, and helps students visualize connections and patterns. It speaks to young people’s innate curiosity about the world around them, providing ample room to ask why, to explore and tinker, see results, and go back again. To put it another way, the framework acts as a set of teaching “instructions” that can be used to get students of all ages to begin examining, questioning, and reasoning—no matter the age, or subject matter.

Students focus on the process of designing—analyzing and making decisions—not just the end product itself. Every design process starts with empathy; identifying who the students is making the product for, and solving a problem for someone else. These challenging projects encourage students to slow down, look closely, and imagine possibilities.

The Kindergarten and First Grade Idea and Design Lab is stocked with a variety of materials that students can use as they construct and deconstruct projects. In addition to the traditional pipe-cleaners and cardboard boxes, students have access to circuitry kits, 3D modeling, wearable technology, laser cutting technology, and robotics kits.

Common Room

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