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Essential questions are selected for each grade level to guide students throughout the year. Peck teachers determine which essential questions provide the best lens to enliven and bring depth to their lessons. Great essential questions also ease the stress and tension associated with learning new content. They assist students in navigating the new subject matter and in prioritizing new information. Our students understand that the process of engaging with essential questions, makes them wiser, more critical thinkers, and lends greater depth to their educational journey.

Guided math is a powerful tool that allows children to develop mathematical proficiency in a small group setting while consistently increasing their level of proficiency. Our teachers facilitate the instruction with hands-on techniques, intensive conversation and questioning, and graduating levels of difficulty.

Guided reading is a powerful method for teaching reading strategies to students at varying reading levels. Our faculty members work with small student groups who read at similar levels. Students are given texts that are accessible and enjoyable while at the same time serve to raise the comprehension bar so they investigate new words, deal with unfamiliar sentence structure, and encounter new concepts in print.

Kindergarten students are introduced to all subject areas including language arts, reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. Starting in kindergarten, your child also regularly leaves her home classroom to study, explore, and play with highly trained subject-matter experts. From Spanish to science and design, to the arts and sports, to library skills to woodworking, your child expands her thinking, creativity, and confidence during her earliest years, when she’s most open to learning.

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