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220-degree vision The driver of a Volta Zero has a wide 220-degree field of vision around the vehicle. Their panoramic view of the surroundings, from a glasshouse-style cab, maximises the driver’s direct visibility of cyclists and pedestrians.

Driver controls (HMI) Dedicated and intuitive touchscreen interfaces allow the driver to focus on the road, whilst still having all of the controls and vehicle information available to hand. The instrument panel is designed to be minimalist, reducing cognitive overload for the driver and helping them stay focused and comfortable.

Dual-sided, sliding doors Full-height, fast, sliding doors, feature on both sides of the vehicle. Combined with a swivelling driver’s seat, the driver has quick and easy entry and exit, ensuring they can always step safely onto the pavement and never into the busy carriageway.

Low step for easy entry and exit A low step on both sides of the vehicle allows the driver to efficiently and comfortably enter or exit the cabin. Just another example of how we have designed the cabin to be driver-centric.

Central and low seating position The driver sits centrally in the cab and far lower than in a conventional truck. This enhances visibility by putting the driver’s eye-line at around 1.8 meters, mirroring that of pedestrians and other road users nearby and improving visual communication between them.

Driver environment The cabin represents the workplace of the driver and so we have considered all aspects of the functional and aesthetic design with their safety, health and comfort in mind. The cabin is contemporary, spacious and light, with intuitive user interfaces and innovative technology. There’s also practical cabin storage.

Side view and 360-degree cameras
 Cameras mounted on the sides and the rear of the vehicle allow the driver a much wider and adaptable view of the surroundings, including seeing into blindspots that conventional wing mirrors cannot, equipping the driver to quickly recognise and react to potential hazards.

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