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ARTIST: Karen Casey TITLE: Transplanted MEDIUM: 3-way lenticular image DIMENSIONS: 840x600mm DATE: 2019 Artist statement This work was created using medical diagnostic imaging software and it reflects a deeply personal journey through a period of physical fragility, degeneration and regeneration through medical intervention. These manipulated medical scans, taken post-transplant surgery, highlight a chapter of my story. Irradiated, anaesthetised, cut, cauterised, incised - stitched and stapled back together, the images peel back the layers of body, revealing the skeletal form, organs, sinews and musculature. They are confronting yet at the same time compelling as my internal body is transformed into a thing of macabre beauty that somehow belies the level of damage and trauma once experienced.

ARTIST: Megan Bonnici TITLE: Space Dunes MEDIUM: Inkjet print on archival paper DIMENSIONS: 830x1110mm DATE: 2019 Artist statement For me, Space Dunes in its colouration suggests both the Earth and the heavens. I love the way the lines of light evoke a sense of movement, with sheer fabric-like folds and layers. I also enjoy the freedom we have to interpret the abstract in many ways. What do you see?

ARTIST: Trisha Lambi TITLE: Homeward bound MEDIUM: Oil on linen DIMENSIONS: 500x400mm DATE: 2018 Artist statement This piece is from my series inspired by memories of hot summer days spent holidaying on Fraser Island off the coast of Queensland. For anyone who hasn't visited this beautiful island, a 4WD vehicle is required to fully enjoy all it has to offer so our activities were dictated to by the tides. Unfortunately that meant we had to be out and about in the hottest part of the day - I still remember the searing heat but I also remember the fun. Our kids are grown now so the memories evoked as I paint are painfully sweet.

ARTIST: Kirsty McIntyre TITLE: They kept calm, they carried on... MEDIUM: Oil on canvas DIMENSIONS: 600x600mm DATE: 2020 Artist statement Completed whilst bushfires burned across the Eastern states, this work portrays destruction, regeneration and resilience. It was designed to convey the shocking losses with familiar and ordinary domestic objects, using oil paint on canvas, with brush and palette knife...

ARTIST: Pip Ryan TITLE: Lounging Lizards MEDIUM: Watercolour, gouache, pencil on paper DIMENSIONS: 840x650mm DATE: 2019 Artist statement Pip Ryan is an Australian artist based in Melbourne. Her practice explores humour, irony and the absurd through drawing, sculpture, installation, and video. Her works present a multitude of imagined creatures and characters including hybrid animals, disembodied figures and darkly comical beasts. Ryan is interested in using colour and playful forms to engage with dark and surreal subject matter. She has exhibited nationally and internationally in group and solo exhibitions. She completed her Master of Fine Arts (research) at Victorian College of the Arts with the assistance of Australian Post Graduate Award.

ARTIST: Moreen Wellington-Lyons Jaadwa, Wotjobaluk TITLE: Women’s Meeting Place MEDIUM: Acrylic on linen canvas DIMENSIONS: 550x600mm DATE: 2019 Artist statement Moreen Wellington-Lyons is an Aboriginal women Jaadwa Clan, Wotjobaluk Native Title Holder. The name of my painting is Gariward Rainbow Serpent. Gariward Rainbow Serpent is sacred. Rainbow Serpent produces abundance in all parts of life, nourishment, love, laughter community. However if Rainbow Serpent is disrespected for example eco-vandalism Rainbow Serpent energy can be a force of destruction bringing floods, storms, bushfire, droughts.

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ARTIST: Deanne Gilson TITLE: Wurring Wurring (Traditional shield), After the Gold Rush MEDIUM: Red, white and pink ochres from Black Hill Ballarat, gold leaf. Acrylic on Belgium linen DIMENSIONS: 1500x1200mm DATE: 2020 Artist statement I have copied the traditional diamond pattern used by my ancestors, then painted it in colours of Country. The gold leaf overlay depicts the point where the gold miners came and took from our land. Our way of life was interrupted. Cultural artefacts became highly sort after amongst the colonisers. The original shield was designed to protect the body. Now it stands for protection of our knowledges and a symbol of survival. The whitewash of culture, along with the shape, reflect the colonial picture frame, a traditional grave and strength of my people.


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