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"This tower was erected to keep in the grateful memory of a loyal people the grant by Great Britain of representative government in Nova Scotia and in the other provinces of Canada, as well as in the dominions beyond the seas. The foundation stone was laid by Duncan Cameron Fraser Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia on the second day of October, nineteen hundred and eight - the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the first meeting of the General Assembly in Nova Scotia. This assembly - the first elected legislative body in Canada-was constituted in accordance with the settled colonial policy of Great Britain and in obedience to the terms of the commissions issued to the early Governors of Nova Scotia and has met annually in Halifax during the intervening century and a half. Erected by the Canadian Club of Halifax aided by contributions from other Canadian clubs and from governments, municipalities, corporations and individuals throughout the empire. The first gift being the park of one hundred acres in which this tower stands, from Sir Sandford Fleming. K•C•M•G• "Nisi Dominus Frustra""

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