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The Realmsic Kingdom Welcome to the Realm; Earth's only magical kingdom. The Realm’s boundaries extended from the Western Nations to the barren Lands of the East; from the Hellish South Plains to the mountainous Northern Lands. And, quite literally within its Centre Pointe is the magical Realmsic Kingdom.

Seku's Village Seku's Village is a secluded community situated on the outskirts of Brazen Lake. It's the home to former Damian supporters.

Damian's Fortress Many within the Realm view my fortress as a beacon of hate. I disagree. For a time, it served as my secret base, and holds many of the sacred relics and artifacts acquired during my conquests of the Realm.

The Ancient Lands The Ancient Lands were once home to the earliest Realmsic settlements, and is the heart of where our entire world began. The region, which was once referred to as the Realm of Terror, was most known for its intense natural energy, which eventually became the source of the Realm's magic.

Cyperus Village Cyperus Village is home to the Cyperus Clan — nomadic warriors who pride themselves on the ability to thrive in any environment. By nature, we’re hunters and warriors, perhaps the most skilled within the entire Realm. But for centuries, our village has excluded itself from the wars. Because by avoiding the conflicts of the Realm, our people have survived.

The Realmsic Castle For centuries, the Realmsic Castle has remained as much a beacon of hope as it has a permanent yet battered symbol of home to the Realmsic citizens. Erected during an intense time of conflict, its structure is fused with magic that keeps it intact. So no matter how battered by war it becomes, the castle's walls will never fall.

Elezum Elezum is the expansive cemetery in the Hellish South Plains, where deceased Realmsic soldiers and citizens are laid to rest. It is the only cemetery in the Realm.

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