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The Core of Eden Geneva, 9 September 2014 What remains in the atmosphere... ... increased last year at the fastest rate for nearly 30 years. The Secretary-General of WMO said - the laws of physics are non-negotiable A representative from UNESCO echo his concern - we ARE running out of time. Excerpts from Press Release No. 1002 (World Meteorological Organization) The global warming of our planet is in an ongoing state towards consequences that are irreversible and I am asking myself, will we ever reach the point of any action against the decisive moment of our concerns? Have we lost our ability to feel touched by the nature? The Core of Eden - series (2015) is a compilation of documented photography of abandoned plants in greenhouses and close-ups of ice samples that was made out of snow, for the purpose of this series. It is staged into a futuristic illusion, unveiling a divided landscape in the motion of change. What do we see and what do we want to believe, being seen?

A compilation of still images from NASA, displaying changes in the frozen components of the Earth system between 1975-2019. These melting changes are emphasized as a painterly motion echoing the sound of melting icebergs, that arctic explorers recorded several years ago. CRYOSPHERE mirrors the rapid warming of our climate accompanied by an escalating version of Vivaldi's 'Winter' (first movement) from 'The Four Seasons' violin concertos.

The work on display in this virtual gallery is a collection of artwork from the virtual tour of Prelude that utilizes art as a means to evoke ecological awareness by using the virtual space as a potential venue for its platform, enhancing the availability of its message. Based upon art with references to global warming and environmental change, the virtual tour of Prelude deploys each work of art into 360° equirectangular panoramas. Each artwork of Prelude was created during the years 2014-19 and have previously been on display at different venues and exhibitions. The virtual tour of Prelude 360° was created in 2019 and has previously been on display during the Backlight festival in Finland (2020) and during the Speculum Artium Festival in Slovenia (2019).

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