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Cutting widths: the winged Cyclone is available in four working widths: - MJ30-420DW with a 13’ 9” cut - MJ30-560 with a 18’ 4” cut - MJ30-630 with a 20’ 8” cut - MJ30-720 with a 23’ 8” cut

Even distribution: Each cutting head has 4 blades per rotor for powerful and consistent mulching. The cutting heads ensure no windrowing and evenly disperses the cut material behind the tractor for faster decomposition.

Strenx® 700 MC structural steel: This materials’ high strength and consistent properties allows it to take higher payloads and as a result makes the Major Cyclone stronger, lighter, safer and more sustainable.

Galvanized finish: Hot-dip galvanized to increase the lifespan of the machine.

wings up center right wing down 3 wings up right 3 wings up right 2 wings up left 1 wings down L 1 Wings up left 2 interior

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