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Congratulations! You found another hot link clue! Huzzah!

Clue #1: As found on The Beast Comes At Midnight's web site, what is the name of the accomplished film composer on #TeamBeast?

Clue #2: What kind of creature is The Beast? A) Vampire B) Angry old man C) Werewolf D) Bigfoot E) Poodle with a grudge

Clue #3: Where is The Beast Comes At Midnight being filmed?

Clue #4: What previous highly acclaimed and popular horror film is The Beast Comes At Midnight Producer / Writer Ed McKeever known for?

Clue #5: This one is easy, no wrong answers! We LOVE and appreciate all of our friends and supporters so please share the news and spread the word that The Beast Comes At Midnight! Just click on the link below and share everywhere with hashtag #TeamBeast and give us a big HOOOWWWLLLL for the answer to this clue!

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