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Eastern Passage, No... Eastern Passage, No... Eastern Passage, No...

"The fisherman's memorial monument is dedicated to all those people who sail from the community of Eastern Passage to make their livelihood from the sea and who also enrich our cultue and heritage. To all those who have sailde from our port and lost their lives to the power of the sea, you will always be in our thoughts and prayers. 'Let this memorial stand forever for those brave souls lost at sea we will remember and always cherish the life you shared it was meant to be'."


"A fisherman's tribute. Life is meant of joy, in everything they do, from toddler free of fear, to teen and into midlife too. The chosen field to earn their pay, is often by desire, working hard with brain and brawn, they never seem to tire. When one sets out the challenge the sea, knowing to at times respect, so he can return to be with family. For those who lost that challenge, and never come home to be, we know you braved the waters, so others could share from the sea. - Tom Harmes. "

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