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Kuula is a platform that allows you to take virtual tours by exploring a series of 360° photo spheres. Just click anywhere in the image and drag, and you can look around! If you see an icon, click on it, and a small window with text, a picture, and/or a video will pop up. To navigate to the next sphere, look for the ‘Forward’ and ‘Back’ arrows on the screen – alternatively, you can simply click on the slides at the bottom of your window to jump around. This tour currently features photospheres captured on June 26th 2021 (before restoration activities) and on November 19, 2021 or December 3, 2021 (after restoration activities) in the west branch of the Chrystal Creek Watershed at the Millard Learning Centre. The tour has been curated by Lisa Angstadt, Kelsey Day, and Adam Huggins. Enjoy the tour!

“Acknowledging our Shared Territory” is a short film featuring local Indigenous leaders that delves more deeply into the subject of Territorial Acknowledgments. Although the film focuses on Galiano Island, it provides perspectives that are relevant to communities across Turtle Island. Galiano Island is the unceded, shared, and asserted territory of the Penelakut, Lamalcha, Hwlitsum, Lelum Sar Augh Ta Naogh, and other Hul'qumi'num speaking peoples, as well as the ceded territory of the Tsawwassen First Nation. Directed by filmmaker Richard Wilson, and supported by the Galiano Conservancy Association (GCA), in partnership with the Access to Media Education Society (AMES), we see this film as a conversation starter, and hope it stimulates further discussion, home-work, and action for change.

Hello and welcome! My name is Sole, the Ecological Footprint. Welcome to the tour of the Chrystal Creek Watershed! I'm so happy that you are here exploring... because you are here I have prepared a fun activity for you! Located along this tour are my friends who are hiding in special places and sometimes they are with a special species that they would like to introduce you to. Also located along the tour is a little scavenger hunt with clues that hint to a very special 'something' that is at the end of the tour. Can you find all my friends and all the clues? Let's go explore!


Taken January 2020, this aerial drone photograph shows human structures that will be removed or have already been removed. The red square indicates the region of the photosphere you are standing in. One goal of the restoration project is to demolish, sort and either remove (in the case of non-biodegradable wastes) or bury (in the case of salvageable wood) dilapidated structures within the restoration area to increase the volume of woody debris in the soil. The piles of debris and garbage you see around you on the site are part of this process.

MLC_CC PO1 - Novemb... Wetland Photosphere...

Adam Huggins is the Restoration Coordinator at the Galiano Conservancy. Photo by Molly Dubé, BCWF Wetlands Education Program

Sara Yeomans, Eric Hagen, and Olivia Cavanagh were the seasonal Restoration Technicians in 2021 for the Galiano Conservancy.

Robin Annschild is a wetlands restoration expert and owner of Rewilding Water & Earth, Inc. Stuart Callison is a Galiano resident and skilled machine operator with the Galiano Excavating Company.

Keith Erickson is the former Executive Director of the Galiano Conservancy, and the R.P. Biologist for the project. Photo by Molly Dubé, BCWF Wetlands Education Program

The BC Wildlife Federation's Wetlands Education Program has been instrumental in the implementation of this project. Pictured here are participants in the 2021 Wetlands Institute, hosted at the Millard Learning Centre. Photo by Molly Dubé, BCWF Wetlands Education Program

Chessi Miltner (pictured with Elsa) is the Executive Director of the Galiano Conservancy.

The Restoration of Natural Systems program has supported the project through the capstone projects of RNS students, and contributions by students from Eric Higgs' field course at the Millard Learning Centre. Pictured here is the July 2021 class.

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