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(Spring 2022). "LLPPA Please take your garbage and pet waste with you! Did you know? This park is maintained by volunteers. The Long Lake Provincial Park Association (LLPPA) is a non-profit association of local volunteers who, since 1987, have developed & maintained park trails & the parking lot. The LLPPA receives no regular funding from any level of government for this provincial park. HRM does not provide waste removal, the LLPPA privately arranges this service. Waste removal costs have risen, largely due to increased amounts of waste in the park's garbage cans. Currently, the LLPPA does not have the resources to cover waste costs and has made the difficult decision to remove the park's waste bins. The LLPPA will continue to maintain the trails & parking lot during its operating season. Be a good neighbour, please keep our park clean!"

"Spryfield Legion"

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