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The RhinoX Trailed Roller Mower is engineered to deliver an impeccable cut with minimal fuss. Gear-driven driveline means no belts or pulleys to adjust and fast-forward working speeds. Four cutting widths available: 13’ 1”, 17’ 9’’, 20’, and 24’.

Made of 8-Gauge Strenx™ 700MC structural steel, the RhinoX is light, strong and impact resistant. Hot-dip galvanization provides the ultimate protection against corrosion, particularly useful when working in coastal environments and applications with high fertilizer usage.

LED lighting kit as standard to ensure safe road transport between sites.

Full length rollers on rear and front decks to follow ground contours and prevent scalping, all while producing a striped finish every time.

Rubber buffer suspension absorbs shocks and protects the machine while moving into transport position and while being towed.

Gearbox driveline powers multiple cutting rotors. Fitted with two ¼" sprung steel blades per rotor that can be easily sharpened for longer working life. The machine is supplied with the blades in a fixed position, which is suitable for mowing in fine turf applications such as sports pitches. The bolt on the blade can be removed and the swinging blade position can be used for cutting in parklands. The swinging blade is designed to move back and out of the way upon impact. This reduces potential damage to the mower. This blade system gives the operator flexibility to choose the best blade position depending on the working environment.

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