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Tracy Ameen Untitled 2021 Sculpted pottery 19 x 15 Courtesy of the artist Create your own narrative for this lost soul. Include torture, waste, anger, mental abuse, cursed, sickness, and sorrow.



BLACK LIFE AS SUBJECT MATTER II Curated by Willis "Bing" Davis Produced and Circulated by Ebonnia Gallery April 30 - July 8, 2022 It has been said that we express best that which we know the most about. What we know best is our own life experience. The joy, the sorrow, the pain, and the hopes - in one's life, the community, or a nation, is often reflected through the creative arts. Artists, musicians, poets, dramatist have always been griots, storytellers. To fully gage the temperature of a community or a nation, we need to listen deeply to the songs it sings, the spoken words it speaks, the dramatic events it performs, the movement of its dancers, and the images that adorn the interior and exterior walls. The arts may not have solutions to all the problems in society, but the arts have the energy and power to identify things to celebrate and preserve, but to also reveal questions worthy of broad consideration and discussion within the community and the nation. BLACK LIFE in all its manifestations is, indeed, a worthy subject MATTER for creative expression by African American visual artists in search of truth and beauty. Featured artists include: Tracy Ameen, Larry Winston Collins, Abner Cope, Cedric Cox, Chelsea Craig, Shon Curtis, Dwayne Daniel, Clifford Darrett, Derrick Davis, Willis "Bing" Davis, Gregg DeGroat, Deborah Dixon, Horace Dozier Sr., Lois Fortson-Kirk, Erin Glenn, Dale Goode, Al Harden, Kevin Harris, Morris T. Howard, Thomas Hudson, Jimi Jones, Cynthia Lockhart, Robert Parkey III, James Pate, Craig Screven, Jared Thorne, Frances Turner, Andrea Walker Cummings, Yvette Walker-Dalton, Evan Williams, Ronnie Williams

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