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Part 3_ei2cw-7 Part 3_ei2cw-5 Part 3_ei2cw-10 Part 3_ei2cw-9 Part 3_ei2cw-1 Part 3_ei2cw-6 Part 3_ei2cw-11 Part 3_ei2cw-4 Part 3_ei2cw-12 Part 3_ei2cw-13

View the route at speed

Part 3_ei2cw-1 Part 3_ei2cw-13

This is a map of the route and the sites with a 360 view. Use the arrow to move through the route of click the location icons to see the area in 360. Use your cursor to look around and to get a feel of the place. The route has some great views of Canary Wharf but it can be busy once you get into Canary Wharf. The best time to do this route is early morning at a weekend

    Please rotate the device into landscape mode and insert into your VR headset.