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Atrium - Level 1

31 North Buona Vista Road Singapore 275983

**The Blue and White Gateway to Learning** The building with colours of Chinese porcelain has become part of the neighbourhood in North Buona Vista. This is the Civil Service College, Singapore’s training institute for the Public Service. It overlooks a green corridor that used to be an old railway line, and is flanked by residential flats, a power station and a neighbourhood centre. Here, public officers attend programmes, pick up new skills and knowledge, and learn with peers and experts. Right from the beginning, the intent of the Civil Service College was to fulfil these goals: - offer training and development activities that support the goals and missions of Government agencies; - reflect the Government’s resolve to upgrade its employees; - project a stable and suitable image as the largest public sector training institute in Singapore; and - showcase public sector training in Singapore and ASEAN. Back then, our programmes were classroom-based and typically stretched over several days. Participants who attended our programmes enjoyed a break from office routines to learn and bond with other public officers. The architects who designed the building were mindful to juxtapose the serious business of learning and skills development with a fun and conducive environment for networking and socialising. *“The moment you step into the building, there must be openness, there must be air, there must be a feeling you are liberated, things are possible.”* So that building was specifically designed for that. ~ Teo Hee Lian, then-Director Civil Service Institute

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