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The body was discovered at 23:07 by a porter who was passing through the Billiard Room. The police we called immediately and arrived at 23:45.

Music was playing on a loop, the track was called "Murder in the Billiard Hall" by the local rock group XXXX.

Blood was discovered on the Billiard Cue. Fornsic's are checking and the results will be available at 10:00 tomorrow.

There are no security cameras in the Billiard Room but there are in the bar, here is the footage from the evening.

Gideon Love was a local celebrity who had friends in high places. He had been know to gamble from time to time and earlier in the evening he took part in a poker tornament in the hotel. Later, his body was found slumped over the table where he had dined. Here is the Murder Scene, look around by dragging the screen and zooming in/out. Click on items to get clues and learn more, Good Luck!!

There was a big prize poker night in this room earlier in the evening, the winner was David Hummingbird who took the full £15,000 purse. He made a few enemies on his way to the final, some thought he wasn’t playing a fair game. Here’s his winning hand. Strangely, when the police checked the card deck, these 5 cards were missing.

5 playing cards were found underthe table Guidien dined at.

A lighter was found on the floor by the body, it was engraved. The message read, “To my darling Cynthia, you’re always in my thoughts”

When the police arrived, this dinner setting had been thoroughly wiped. Forensics inspected further but there were no traces of DNA or fingerprints.

Police checked the teapot, there was a crack in the spout and forensics have managed to get some finger-prints. They're running them through the system now.

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