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The key safe is a small box that is fixed to the outside of a property and contains keys to unlock entrance doors. The keys are held securely inside the box which can only be opened by entering the correct code on the keypad. This product is Police approved. The code is kept securely at our Monitoring & Response centre and will only be passed to the emergency services if necessary. This will ensure that if the occupant is unable to open the door for the emergency services they can still get in to provide assistance without having to break the door down. Call us on 01495 315700 for more information

The Vibby is a light weight detector which can be worn on the wrist or as a pendant. It gives confidence to users who may be at risk of falling. If a fall occurs, the Vibby will send an automatic alert or the user can press a button to request assistance via the Monitoring & Response Centre. It also has a built in cancellation feature if the user gets up again within 20 seconds. Call us on 01495 315700 for more information

Alarm calls to our Monitoring & Response Centre allow you to speak to our operators 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, making sure you get the help you need, whenever you need it. How Does It Work? By either pressing the button on the wrist or neck worn device or pressing the large button on the alarm you will go through to our 24-hour Contact Centre where one of our friendly and highly skilled operators will be ready to offer you help or reassurance. It can be linked to other devices such as smoke detectors, flood detectors, falls sensors etc. These will call through to our 24-hour contact centre whenever they detect a dangerous situation. The alarm uses a SIM card or digital telephone connection to call our centre. How Do You Operate It? Press the button in the middle of the wrist or neck worn device, a light will flash to let you know the emergency call has been raised. Do not worry if you are not near to the unit, if you cannot speak to the call centre, they will arrange for help to come out to you. When the unit has placed a call to the call centre, a recorded message will let you know the call has been successful and one of our call centre operators will speak to you and ask what assistance you require. What are the benefits of a digital lifeline alarm? Lifeline alerts from a digital alarm are received much quicker than an analogue lifeline alarm. A digital alarm has a roaming SIM built into it. Meaning it will always connect to the most robust mobile signal to ensure that you remain connected. Call us on 01495 315700 for more information

This alarm clock wakes you with a loud alarm, flashing lights and vibrations from the bed shaker when it’s time to get up. It is easy to use and packed with clever features like night light, battery backup, telephone jack and an external trigger input. Features include - Loud sound. Delivers up to 100dB - Intense lights. Wakes you with flashes - Bed shaker. Vibrates under the pillow - Night light. Guides you back to bed - Battery backup. Steps in during power loss In the box - Alarm clock - Bed shaker - Power supply Call us on 01495 315700 for more information

It’s sometimes difficult to create structure in everyday life. It takes a lot of energy to try to keep track of everything, which may make you feel stressed and anxious. The MEMOplanner is a time and planning aid that you simply place where it can be seen in your home. It assists you by showing what day it is, the time of day, and what activities you have scheduled for the day, week and month. It also gives you clear reminders and helps you with checklists. The MEMOplanner helps you to take control of your life, making you feel more secure and enabling you to live a richer life. Studies show that the MEMOplanner can reduce stress for both you and your family members - resulting in fewer disagreements over daily tasks. Other studies show that time-based support such as the MEMOplanner can help you to increase and improve your sense of time. Call us on 01495 315700 for more information

The DDA package is designed for users with a hearing impairment. The package consists of a pager, transmitter, pillow alert pad and charger. The products either flash or vibrate to notify the user when something needs attention such as a doorbell, alarm or telephone. Call us on 01495 315700 for more information

Smart home voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home can be a great help with everyday life. From simple reminders and shopping lists through to controlling lights and other smart home equipment. Call us on 01495 315700 for more information

The tablet is used to control and configure some of the equipment installed throughout our flat, particularly in the sensory room. Call us on 01495 315700 for more information

For many people the TV is a focal point in their day to day lives. Over the past years the expansion of online and streaming services plus the move to digital has made a Smart TV almost essential. Most Smart TVs have a wide variety of apps available to supplement terrestrial TV channels including streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer and YouTube to name a few. Most Smart TVs can be controlled with voice controls, either built in or through external smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Call us on 01495 315700 for more information

This fan is voice controlled and allows you to turn it on and off and change the fan speed with easy to use voice commands. Call us on 01495 315700 for more information

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