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Body has been removed to the mortuary. The pathologist has initial findings for you in the case files.

Two glasses were found at the scene, one was recently cleaned and free of fingerprints and DNA, the other contained whisky, Percy's favourite tipple.

A small black book. To be investigated further.

A palm print on the outside of one of the windows as though someone has tried to peer in.

Size 10 footprints - to be investigated further.

Fingerprint on volume button.

Dead bee found on the floor.

Fingerprint on inner door handle.

Small plastic box with two small holes in the lid.

Bundles of £20 notes tossed around the room. To be investigated further.

CCTV camera not working

A fingerprint found on a white chess piece. Other white chess pieces have no other fingerprints. Black chess pieces have Percy's fingerprints on them. To be investigated further.

Blood and hair discovered.

Plaster bust discovered on the floor.

Crumpled up letters. To be investigated further.

Instructions: Use the mouse or drag the screen to investigate the murder scene. There are clues hidden around the room, can you find them? You'll learn more as to what the clues mean in the case files. Accreditations: 360 Scene: Owen Weightman (3D Virtual Spaces) Photography: Keith McMahon (Venue View) Royalty Free Music from Bensound

A mobile phone at the side of the room near the body with three messages (turn your volume up and click on the links in the image to hear them).

    Please rotate the device into landscape mode and insert into your VR headset.