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Hello traveler, you've uncovered a mystery on the ground. A tiny faded bismuth note reads: The way towards Aeterna is hidden within Exopalace - in the bright shining light closer than air, right beneath your two chasms of breath. Explore & you'll uncover the hidden gems

... Lux Aeterna ... There are transforming pearlescent keys among you Look closer & you'll find the ways towards Aeterna

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Walking down the path, you've stumbled upon a spherical artifact. It has an engraving on it of a marbled starfish, with an arrow pointing to the East. Inlayed text reads: From the pool of the black star

You've found a black marble map of the Cosmopolis city center, showing all the locations to visit. // Public locales - Gallery - Rowaverse - Secret Isle - Cloudland Canyon - Psychic Garden - Exopalace - LA Egypt // Hidden locales - Craigoodtime - Pool Of The Black Star - Celestial Roller Coaster

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