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We adapt the layout on the inside of your building based on your needs. Here is a solution on how smaller office space can be added.

The air treatment system is designed to provide good air quality with low CO2 levels. The surface layers are hard and easy to clean. The lighting system is designed to create a good light environment. The colour choices aim to create a warm and cosy environment. The architecture creates a light and airy environment with a large inlet of daylight and view to the outside.

All ceilings are fitted with acoustic ceilings to minimize reverberation time and guarantee a good working environment.

The building is heated with a water-borne system with heat source in the form of heat pump or district heating.

Light fixtures are installed close to the ceiling. All lighting is presence-controlled. Turn-off option via a pull switch.

The building is ventilated with a central ventilation unit located in the technology and WC module.

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