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Drea is an MD-technologist and serial entrepreneur applying high-tech in critical sectors. An interdisciplinary thinker, her recent projects include Web3 (DAOs, cryptocurrency, DeFi, smart-contracts, and digital ledgers), carbon-offsets (biodiversity, green-carbon, biochar), fair trade and micropayments, wearables for consciousness, newspace, behavior design, civ-tech and smart cities, artificial intelligence and machine learning, cybersecurity, near-infrared spectroscopy, functional MRI, stem-cells, and tissue-engineering, vascular composite allograft, 3D printing, virtual reality, blockchain, specialist networks, nanotechnology, voice-recognition software, microbiome, web/app product design, business and startup strategy, social enterprise, popular-science writing, branding/PR and niche marketing. In global health, she develops high-tech for low-resource environments. Drea’s career interest is in using technology to promote population health. She is industry-agnostic to this aim and passionate about reducing barriers to innovation at the intersection of research, technology, and medicine. She usually quotes Karen Kilroy "I can't help but wonder how much further technology could go if we solved things for people who had the biggest problems first — and then made games."

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