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A long time entrepreneur and one of the founding fathers of the blockchain gaming movement, Loren Roosendaal co-founded Bright Star Studios over 4 years ago. He's also a founder and chairman of Galactic Entertainment. The studio was well ahead of its time with Ember Sword, the worlds first MMORPG offering true ownership, powered by blockchain technology. Although at the time few people believed in the concept, Ember Sword went on to become one of the most hotly anticipated web3 games and gamers committed over $204m to buying land in the title. Recently Loren teamed up with Hollywood and Marvel talent to launch the world’s first blockchain powered cinematic multiverse PlanetQuest. Attracting a community of over 137.000 fans in just a week after coming out of stealth mode and growing well past 200.000 in the months after. It now sits in the top four web3 games in terms of discord community size alongside the likes of Axie Infinity and the Sandbox. Going far beyond just a videogame PlanetQuest features the worlds largest decentralized storyline, voted on by hundredthousands of fans, with novels and comic books on the way and the advent of series and movies seemingly just a matter of time. In addition to his work in blockchain gaming, Loren founded various award winning tech startups in the media and education space, is an international speaker, investor, advisor and board member at various startups and scale-ups.

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